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It's All Relative

Get Ready for the Storm...

RELATIVITY is a character drama that centers around a team of superheroes who operate in the fictional Gale City. The focus of the series, however, is the people behind the mask, and how they juggle work, life and love while donning a mask at night. While essentially a prose-comicbook series, Relativity is also firmly planted in the mystery genre as the team investigates and solves various crimes, while also contending with a menagerie of strange and interesting villains.

:bulletblack: To start at the beginning:   :bulletblack: Current Episode:

Lost and Found Scene 1 - Relativity Episode 1The light above the vanity flickered, throwing the room into a series of shadows. Babs Stone tapped the plastic casing with her finger, hoping to jiggle the bulb back into place. The room fell into complete darkness. After a moment, the light snapped back on, shining bright and steady. The prostitute leaned back towards the mirror.
Pulling up her chin, Babs checked her throat carefully. While she didn’t have a policy against rough stuff, she didn’t like when her clients left marks. It made it difficult when picking up another john, not to mention she simply didn’t like bruising on her neck. Satisfied, she tousled her long platinum blonde hair so it framed her face, then twisted open a cylinder of Fire Engine Red and  smeared it across her lips. She could hear shuffling and smiled at the thought of the man on the other side of the door.
While she had several regulars, Babs liked Denny the best. He was always clean and smelled nice. More than that, he always called
Rune Returns: Part 1 - Relativity Episode 25   The sound of the small brass bell chimed and Leonard Nolan stepped into the coffee shop. It was mid-morning, so it wasn't too busy. He hoped that would mean he'd have a chance to chat with his favorite barista.
   Adjusting the bag on his shoulder, he walked up to the counter and grimaced. A thin, dark-haired girl with glasses was manning the register.
   "Can I help you?" she asked.
   Rolling his eyes, he glanced at the large white-board which listed the drink offerings. He decided to get daring. "I'll have a mocha, hold the mint."
   A minute later, the girl handed him a cup and he moved to a table at the far end of the room. Pulling out a large book with a green cover, he took a sip of his coffee before he started to flip through the pages.
   "Hi, Leonard."
   The custodian looked up, snorting liquid in his surprise. He coughed and held a napkin up to his nose. "Melody. I di

:bulletblack: To read a description of each issue, along with links to the dA versions of each story, visit this page.

:bulletblack: To browse and read all of the episodes in the series, check out this folder

:bulletblack:All stories are also available in Kindle and eBook versions and can be downloaded from our main website:

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Info Corner

Relativity Header by mirz-alt

:bulletblue: The main Relativity Website is located at The full story will be mirrored here on dA. However, the site will contain additional bonus content, as well as a regularly updated blog about the series and individual episodes.

:bulletblue: For fans who don't have time to read the episodes, but want to keep up with the overall storylines, we offer full condensed episode synopses which can be found here.

:bulletblue: The authors periodically post blog entries to with extra information about the stories and the writing process. For our readers who prefer to stay on dA to comment, these entries can also be found in Mirz's forum here.
:bulletblue: The current update schedule is monthly, approximately every 3-4 weeks. New episodes will publish concurrently on the website and deviantART.

:bulletblue: All current episode scenes will be posted here to the group, so if you want to know when a new one updates, please devWatch the Group.

Current Episode - Rune Returns

RUNE RETURNS -- When dozens of coins from an ancient pyramid turn up in a Gale, it catches the attention of authorities, and Team Torrent. A series of robberies with an Egyptian connection further complicates the case. As the heroes try track down the thief, they are hindered when one of their own ends up missing. Racing against the clock, and mummies, Black Torrent and his team must unlock the secret to the strange thefts and discover who the mysterious newcomer is, before it's too late. -- Click to Read

The Beginning...

Black Torrent commission by shamserg

Twenty years ago the Black Torrent patrolled the streets of Gale City, protecting the citizens, until he disappeared without a trace...

Michael Bruce is one of the world's richest men, head of a real estate empire that spreads to all corners of the world. Many wonder what is the secret to his success, but Michael's secrets travel far beyond the boardroom...onto the rooftops of Gale. Taking over the role of the Black Torrent, the young CEO follows in the footsteps of his father, keeping the streets safe from crime. When Martin Bling, the billionaire casino mogul, shows up on the scene, Torrent and his team start digging into the man's less-than-ethical affairs. They are aided in their investigation by the mysterious Dark Flame, a relative newcomer to the crimefighting scene. Expecting to uncover corporate corruption and dirty business dealings, what they find threatens to shake Michael to the core – a connection to Bling's girlfriend he never dreamed of, and a revelation that the past he knew wasn't what he thought it to be. As crimefighting and family drama collide, the team must deal with secrets, lies and betrayals, and the prospects of an uncertain future. -- Click to Read
Below is a list of the currently published Relativity stories, along with a brief desciption of each episode.  We recommend followers of the series read the main stories to follow along with the current storylines.  Note that side stories are not required reading, but give additional information about the characters and events.  Side stories are considered cannon, however may occur in the past or during the main timeline.

For those who are interested in the stories, but do not have time to read the full versions, we also now provide a detailed synopsis of each episode. The synopsis are not to replace reading the stories, but are provided as a way to following along quickly or get up to speed with the storyline until you can read the full versions.  You can find the synopsis versions of each story here .

To visit the stories gallery, click here --->…

Stories are listed in chronological order, oldest to newest (basically start at the top to begin the series).

Main Stories

:bulletblue: "Lost and Found" is the first installment in the Relativity series.  Team Torrent is back on the trail of Martin Bling, billionaire real estate developer whose practices are less than ethical.  They are aided in their investigation by the mysterious Dark Flame, a relative newcomer to the crimefighting scene.  The lives of the team are shaken when they meet Sara Wolff, Bling's girlfriend, and discover she may have a connection to the Bruce family.  As crimefighting and family drama collide, the team must deal with ghosts from the past as well as the prospects of an uncertain future.

:bulletblue: "Highway Robbery" is the second installment in the Relativity series.  A series of isolated carjackings turns personal when Michael Bruce's secretary become victim to the criminals. With an overworked and corrupt police force to contend with, Team Torrent must balance working with the law and breaking the rules in order to bring the criminals in and expose the true bad-guys in the grand theft auto ring. (This events of this story happen concurrently with Strange Twist.)

:bulletblue: "Strange Twist" is the third installment in the Relativity series.  Dark Flame begins a search for a missing boy, only to find herself up against a strange ring of pick-pocketers.  Things are complicated when a runaway is brought to the Home with connections to the ring.  Digging deeper, the superhero finds herself embroiled in a tale of old, with a new twist, and the lives of young boys hanging in the balance. (This events of this story happen concurrently with Highway Robbery.)

:bulletblue: "Cricket"- While routinely out on patrol, Overcast and Zephyra run into a strange character dressed as an insect. When ancient scarabs suddenly go missing from the local museum, Team Torrent starts digging deeper into the workings of the mysterious man. Dark Flame joins the hunt on her own and the group must work together to bring-in the mysterious Cricket.

:bulletblue: "Father's Day" - Three different families gather for three separate celebrations. However, the atmosphere is not all-together pleasant as old hurts, untold anxieties, and conflicting personalities clash together to make the Sunday afternoon stressful and complicated. Three adult children must deal with their own personal issues with their fathers, coming to terms with their complex relationships and uncertainties about the future.

:bulletblue: "Happy Hour" - With the mayoral elections behind them, Gale City waits with baited breath as the too-close-for-comfort results bring on a series of re-counts.  Discontent and frustrations over the vote prompts protests and demonstrations, finally leading to riots and arson.  As Team Torrent struggles to keep the casualties to a minimum and find out who is behind the string of bombings, Dark Flame follows a different route to the same end. As their paths meet, secrets are revealed, truths told, and old tensions surface, threatening not only the city, but Team Torrent itself.

:bulletblue: Down the Rabbit Hole - After learning more about her family connections, Sara Wolff is invited to Crystal Towers for dinner and a tour. The evening is filled with intrigue, revelations, and mixed feelings, as the woman must grapple with the past, the present, and the possibilities for the future.

:bulletblue: A Better Place - Calming of tensions in the city after a winner is announced in the Mayor's race, a new threat is revealed--a serial killer targeting local prostitutes. Hooker Babs Stone unwittingly finds herself embroiled in the case...and in the sights of a killer. With the body count quickly rising, and a psychotic killer on the loose, it's up to Team Torrent to stop the carnage before yet another woman falls victim to the Suicide Slasher.

:bulletblue: My Big Fat Superhero Wedding - The big day has arrived, and Melody and Ravenswood prepare to tie the knot. Rowdy bachelorette parties, crazy relatives, and drunk friends abound, the day still manages to go smoothly until some un-invited guests decide to shake things up a bit. Can Team Torrent, minus Black Torrent, save the day?

:bulletblue: Let It Snow - With Christmas a few days away, the Bruces look forward to their first holiday together.  However, a string of events conspires to keep them apart.  As the trio faces the prospect of missing their first Christmas as a family, memories of Christmas past flood forward, opening a Pandora's box of emotions and motivating them to do whatever it takes to make their holiday together happen.

:bulletblue: "Exit Strategy" - CEO Michael Bruce learns of a series of corporate breaks-ins that are not being reported by the news. After Bruce Developing's own security system is compromised, the group sets out to find out who is behind the mysterious burglaries. Tensions at the coffee shop complicate matters as Melody and Ravenswood juggle crimefighting and operation of their new business. Enlisting the help of an unlikely computer expert, Team Torrest sets out to stop the criminals and find out who is really behind the tech-savvy crimes.

:bulletblue: Cotillion - Eager to finally introduce Sara as a member of the Bruce family, Michael and Yule plan a coming-out party. The gathering proves a great success until an unexpected guest shows up in search of the guest of honor. It’s then a race of time and wits which will test the resolve of Team Torrent, as well as the Bruce family, and be their greatest challenge yet.

:bulletblue: "Rune" - Leonard Nolan is a regular customer of Stan's Coffee Shop and holds a secret crush on barista, Melody. When he learns of the woman's marriage, he finds himself sad and depressed. That is until he makes an unexpected discovery which leads him on a journey for knowledge, opening mysteries which will change his life forever.

:bulletblue: "All That Glitters" - With the winter cold keeping crime down, Team Torrent finds things heating up as a series of burglaries targeting men begin to crop up. A bit of digging reveals an old nemesis is on the prowl again. A little fish in a big sea, Vera Barracuda falls under the radar of the police, but she moves quickly to the top of the superheroes’ list. With little to go on, the team must depend on detective work and a bit of luck to bring the criminal beauty to justice.

:bulletblue: "Skeletons" - After receiving an unexpected call, Sara is pulled back into her past, where mystery and secrets abound. As her newfound family learns of her history, they must deal with a myriad of emotions and come to the terms with the haunts of times gone-by and the ramifications for the future.

:bulletblue: "August Moon" - When a much-needed getaway ends badly, Team Torrent returns to Gale, hopeful that the recent lull in crime continues. However, with a police force wracked with internal conflict and things picking up on the streets, the general peace is threatened. When a new serial killer appears, things get more tense when it appears that one of the team has a connection to the newest terror. Fighting the known and unknown, nerves are pushed to the limits and loyalties tested as the heroes have to figure out the mysteries behind August Moon.

:bulletblue: "Date Night" - It’s date night, and while Michael deals with having to spend a Friday night alone, Ravenswood and Melody head out to see a movie and go to dinner. Sara meets up with Greg Flowers for their first date. As the couples go about their plans for the evening, Gale City proves that crime does not sleep for the sake of love. Can’t a hero get a break for one night?

:bulletblue: "Payback" - A child abduction turns out to be more than Dark Flame bargains for when the girl is the child of former politician and the kidnapper is one of Gale's high-ranking crime bosses. With Michael and Yule gone on business, Sara must use her own wits to try to find out where the child is being held and figure out how to rescue her. Help comes in an unlikely form, but the mission is far from easy. Racing against the clock, Dark Flame must battle her own self-doubt to save the child, as well as face the unexpected, putting her to the ultimate test.

:bulletblue: "Mardi Gras" As Lloyd Brooks prepares for his first big city event as mayor, he turns to Team Torrent to help make sure everything goes smoothly. Things don’t go quite as planned, and are complicated by a series of strange goings-on where average citizens find themselves turning into zombies. As Sara struggles with her conflicted feelings towards Greg, it’s up to the rest of the team to find out what’s happening and discover who is the mysterious Mardi Gras.

:bulletblue: "Master Blankard's Pawn" What do a church, a zoo, a boy’s team jersey, and everybody’s left shoe have in common? Team Torrent faces their strangest case yet as a string of bizarre crimes hit Gale City. With tensions high between the Bruce siblings, differences must be set aside as the heroes try to piece together the clues and find out who is behind the criminal pranks. When the path leads to an unlikely name from the past, the heroes have to prepare for the ultimate trebuchet, where the stakes are more than mere chess pieces.

:bulletblue: "Spoils System" Ripples travel across Gale City as a new Police Superintendent is appointed by the Mayor. While the political community reels, Team Torrents pledges their allegiance to the new chief, both in and out of costume. As things get more complicated at City Hall, the relationships of the superhero clan get sticky as Greg ingratiates himself further to the group, despite Michael's continuing distrust of him. As the party for the new Superintendent gets into full swing, the criminal elements in Gale show their feelings about the change of guard in a shocking way, setting about a chain of events that threatens to change everything for the City and Team Torrent.

:bulletblue: "Fireworks" After returning from Bling City, Sara must visit Michael to tell him of her new relationship status. When the meeting doesn't go well, the siblings are faced with spending the upcoming holiday apart. With Fourth of July celebrations throughout the city, the thunder of fireworks is soon mixed with sounds of screams. As the chaos escalates and city resources are pushed to the limit, the team members must find a way to slip away and get into the action. Can they get to the bottom of who is behind the string of dangerous pranks before it's too late?

:bulletblue: "Zephyra's Story" When a cold case grows hot again, anxiety rises on the streets of Gale, as well as at Team Torrent headquarters. Melody is forced to turn back the clock and relive a terror she thought she would never face again—one that changed her life. With tensions still high among the Bruce clan, the heroes must figure out how to track down the elusive villain and bring an end to the reign of the Storefront Bandit.

:bulletblue: "Rune Returns" When dozens of coins from an ancient pyramid turn up in a Gale, it catches the attention of authorities, and Team Torrent. A series of robberies with an Egyptian connection further complicates the case. As the heroes try to track down the thief, they are hindered when one of their own ends up missing. Racing against the clock, and mummies, Black Torrent and his team must unlock the secret to the strange thefts and discover who the mysterious newcomer is, before it’s too late.

Side Stories

:bulletpurple: "Ghosts of Christmas Past." Less than a year into his training as Black Torrent, Michael Bruce stumbles upon the work of a themed villain who he believes is tying his crimes into a classic Christmas song.  As the stakes get higher and higher, Michael must struggle with his inexperience, and overcome his own haunting memories of Christmas past, in order to catch the criminal before it's too late.

:bulletpurple: "Paradise Lost." A sad tale of a naive girl who goes against her parent's wishes and suffers the consequences which effect her later into life.

:bulletpurple: "Those Who Have the Gold..." - Faced with the impending shut-down of the Gale Home for Children, Sara Wolff searches frantically for a source of funds to keep the institution open. Scared and desperate, she turns to an unknown philanthropist for help and is faced with hard choices she must make, or risk losing everything she has worked for.

:bulletpurple: "Prolegomenon" - After having been told the secret identities of the Team Torrent operatives, Madge Sinclaire is summoned to the Bruce penthouse at Crystal Towers for a Q&A with Yule.  Nervous and intimidated, Madge has to stand toe to toe with the Bruce family patriarch in quick game of wits and courage.

:bulletpurple: "Secrets" - Billy is a street-wise kid living at the Gale Home for Children. Though already cynical, he finds hope and caring through the Home’s administrator…as well as the costumed heroes who keep the city safe. When a new threat to kids appears on the scene, a simple childhood game goes wrong and forces Billy to reveal one of his deepest desires. That sets off a chain of events that places him in the hands of a criminal, and in desperate need of rescuing by the very heroes he looks up to.

:bulletpurple: "Legend of the Cheese Maidens" - After a bit of bedroom talk about their romantic leanings, Ravenswood shares a bit of nostalgia and folklore from his childhood. This stirs Melody to take a quest, which leads to an unexpected bit of adventure reminiscent of days gone by.

:bulletpurple: "In Search of the Liber Seed" With summer vacation nearly over, the boys contemplate how to spend their last few days of freedom. When a mysterious sound greets them in the forest, they set out in search of adventure. As they walk through the woods, they muse on life and the future, and learn that their journey may not be too different from a tale of old, a story of a boy in search of the liber seed.

:bulletpurple: "Quill & Parchment" When Ravenswood begins to frequent a nearby coffee shop, he becomes friends with the owner's daughter, Melody. Things get a bit awkward when Melody asks to join the detective's science-fiction fanclub. When plans to deep-six the idea go awry, Ravenswood reluctantly agrees to have the barista join the group on their trip to a local comicbook convention. With geeks and cosplayers abound, the club members find themselves on a quest to obtained a coveted items for their newest member, leading to adventure and disaster.
More Journal Entries

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17 deviants said Andy Lewis by Elfdust by mirzjiles Andy
10 deviants said Mona Andris Portrait by mirz-alt Mona



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