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Get Ready for the Storm...

RELATIVITY is a character drama that centers around a team of superheroes who operate in the fictional Gale City. The focus of the series, however, is the people behind the mask, and how they juggle work, life and love while donning a mask at night. While essentially a prose-comicbook series, Relativity is also firmly planted in the mystery genre as the team investigates and solves various crimes, while also contending with a menagerie of strange and interesting villains.

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:bulletblack: To start at the beginning: :bulletblack: Current Episode:

Lost and Found Scene 1 - Relativity Episode 1The light above the vanity flickered, throwing the room into a series of shadows. Babs Stone tapped the plastic casing with her finger, hoping to jiggle the bulb back into place. The room fell into complete darkness. After a moment, the light snapped back on, shining bright and steady. The prostitute leaned back towards the mirror.
Pulling up her chin, Babs checked her throat carefully. While she didn’t have a policy against rough stuff, she didn’t like when her clients left marks. It made it difficult when picking up another john, not to mention she simply didn’t like bruising on her neck. Satisfied, she tousled her long platinum blonde hair so it framed her face, then twisted open a cylinder of Fire Engine Red and  smeared it across her lips. She could hear shuffling and smiled at the thought of the man on the other side of the door.
While she had several regulars, Babs liked Denny the best. He was always clean and smelled nice. More than that, he always called
A Dish Best Served Cold: Part 1 - Relativity Ep 43   Dark Flame scaled down the drain pipe, letting go five feet from the ground. A few moments later, Overcast landed beside her. The two focused their attention on the squad car at the end of the block. Since it appeared to be on a routine traffic stop, they turned and continued on their way.
   "Where are we going tonight?" Ravenswood asked. "I thought you wanted to check out the train yards."
   "I did, but I got a tip from one of the high school kids that Heather was seen down by the skateboard park."
   The crimefighter lifted his hat to scratch his head. "Do you really think she's still around? I thought maybe she had gone back to Beecher."
   It had been a week and a half since Sara had last seen Heather. A runaway from a small town in rural Indiana, the teen had come to Gale to hook-up with a boy she had met online. The "boy" had turned out to be a fifty year old pedophile and the girl had barely escaped

:bulletblack: To read a description of each issue, along with links to the dA versions of each story, visit this page.

:bulletblack: To browse and read all of the episodes in the series, check out this folder

:bulletblack:All stories are also available in Kindle and eBook versions and can be downloaded from our main website:

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The Beginning...

Black Torrent commission by shamserg

Twenty years ago the Black Torrent patrolled the streets of Gale City, protecting the citizens, until he disappeared without a trace...

Michael Bruce is one of the world's richest men, head of a real estate empire that spreads to all corners of the world. Many wonder what is the secret to his success, but Michael's secrets travel far beyond the boardroom...onto the rooftops of Gale. Taking over the role of the Black Torrent, the young CEO follows in the footsteps of his father, keeping the streets safe from crime. When Martin Bling, the billionaire casino mogul, shows up on the scene, Torrent and his team start digging into the man's less-than-ethical affairs. They are aided in their investigation by the mysterious Dark Flame, a relative newcomer to the crimefighting scene. Expecting to uncover corporate corruption and dirty business dealings, what they find threatens to shake Michael to the core – a connection to Bling's girlfriend he never dreamed of, and a revelation that the past he knew wasn't what he thought it to be. As crimefighting and family drama collide, the team must deal with secrets, lies and betrayals, and the prospects of an uncertain future. -- Click to Read

Current Episode - Side Story

5:24 AM -- When a distraught couple hires Ravenswood to find their long-lost son, he focuses his search on a mysterious bagman with unusual tastes. Confronted with a mish-mash of strange and erratic clues, the detective must fight against his own dependence on alcohol to get to the bottom of the case. When the trail leads to the sewers of Gale, Ravenswood must descend into the depths of the city. What he finds there threatens his very life, and could lead to fate far worse than death. -- Click to Read


Which villain are you most looking forward to in Book 7? 

5 deviants said August Moon by CristianaLeone August Moon
2 deviants said Phanthro by ThreshTheSky Phanthro
2 deviants said Bust Commission: Mirz-alt (Vera) by colormymemory Vera Barracuda
1 deviant said Master Blankard (commission) by Smoludozerka Master Blankard
No deviants said Blue Pony Commission by phil-cho Blue Pony
No deviants said The Buffalo Brothers by mirzjiles Buffalo Brothers

4 Years of Relativity!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 31, 2015, 6:06 AM
Welcome to Gale City

Thank-you by mirz333

While we didn't intentionally plan it this way, the 4th anniversary of the series fell right at the end of Cycle 1. As many of you know, Relativity is broken into three distinct periods, which we call "Cycles." When we first put pen to paper, our main goal was to get to the end of Cycle 1 -- and here we are! After 4 years and thousands of hours of plotting, writing, and editing, (and probably just as many dollars spent on art and promotion), the first "chapter" is told and we are ready to move on to the next. So, with that in mind, we are extra excited that you can join us to celebrate our anniversary this year. With a bit of pre-planning, we managed to get quite a few lovely works from some of our favorite artists, as well as finish one of the most anticipated stories AND reveal the newest cover for the second side-story anthology! We also get to peek ahead and see what is planned for the coming year and Cycle Two.

So, without further ado...

:bulletblack: LARPing

One of the more light-hearted stories of Cycle 1 featured Ravenswood and Melody taking part in live-action roleplay. It's so much fun to see this superhero couple enjoying sword and sorcery and dressing the part. Artist, Nike-93 was lovely to create a piece featuring the couple in their role play personas: Aloysius and Aurora. Another nod to Captain-Savvy for designing the outfits.

Commission 133 - Happy Halloween! by Nike-93

:bulletblack: Trick or Treat

Relativity has deep roots in our childhood love of comic books, as well as our own superhero role-play which had been going on (in various incarnations) for over 20 years. We currently run a campaign set in the Relativity universe featuring an alternate timeline. For fun, and since the series anniversary falls on October 31st, we thought it would be neat to get a version of "Team Cyclone" dressed for the occasion. Captain-Savvy did a wonderful job capturing the characters and their costumed alter-egos. If you want to know who is who, click on the image and visit the deviation page for details.

Halloween Gang by Captain-Savvy

:bulletblack: Team Liberty

Cycle Two will introduce a new set of heroes: Team Liberty. While we don't want to give away spoilers, many of our fans are familiar with Misty Liberty through the art. She is the leader of the new team, which is pretty kick-ass, if we do say so ourselves. It will also bring some of the action to Acropolis, another key city in the Relativity universe. Here's a wonderful group shot by the ever-talented JadeiteART

Misty by mirz333

:bulletblack: Villainy

Of course, a hero is only as good as his villains. The past year of stories featured many old foes, as well as introduced some new threats. Cycle 2 will be no different. We're excited to showcase a slew of new baddies, as well as the return of many fan-favorites. Though some of the criminals may be a bit different than you remember them. Wonderful art by Costalonga and ThreshTheSky

Cricket Mugshot by Costalonga

Carnie Kid by ThreshTheSky

:bulletblack: Dolls

When I saw the hand-crafted cold porcelain creations of ekkimu, I knew I wanted to get chibi versions of Team Torrent. While we hope to commission all of the major heroes in the future, for now we are excited to have mini Dark Flame and Overcast. These pieces are amazing -- the pictures does not do them justice. The colors are vibrant and the details blow us away. It may be a pipe-dream, but we would love to be able to sell dolls like this to our fans someday. :heart: Note, the picture was taken in front of a computer monitor featuring this skyline by AlphaLunatic

Dolls by mirz333

:bulletblack: Author Pics

One of our yearly traditions is to get an "author picture" for the upcoming year. Over the past many months, we have been fortunate to work with phil-cho on a large set of portraits of the series' characters. Since his head-shots are now a big part of Relativity, we thought it only right that we get a set of our own portraits to add to the bunch. So, we're excited to introduce the comic book versions of Ravenswd and mirz333. Don't they look great? They're so much fun and we're happy to add them to our collection!

We should note that we are fully aware that we don't look quite like this in real life. ;) These are our "beautiful people" comic-book versions. They are meant to be recognizable likenesses, but certainly not spot-on of how we really look (no one wants to see a grumpy old couple, anyway).

Ravenswood and Mirz commission by phil-cho

:bulletblack: Crossovers and Collabs  

The past year was filled with not only canon stories, but several crossover and alternate universe tales. While they are not part of the main continuity, it's a ton of fun taking the Relativity gang and re-imagining them in different time periods/situations. It's even more fun working with other authors and coming up with stories that mix our universes. I am currently committed to several collabs in the upcoming year (and another couple are in talks, but not official yet). I thought it would be fun to feature the "other OCs" in the four which are currently on the burner. Madame Night created by InkyRose, Luciana created by Endorell-Taelos, Fanere created by Gnewi, and Sybil created by Captain-Savvy. Art by jen-and-kris (who did a rush job to finish this, thank you!)

Beautiful and Dangerous by mirzjiles

:bulletblack: Brothers

It may or may not be known that the childhood friendship of Michael Bruce, Tony Toronto, and Andy Lewis is the backbone of Relativity. So much comes from that relationship, and it will play heavily into Cycle 2. Since both Tony and Andy will be coming on as regulars in the upcoming year, we thought it appropriate to have a "group" shot of the three. The ever wonderful CristianaLeone was kind enough to do the honors. Love the way these guys look. :heart:

Brothers by CristianaLeone

:bulletblack: Thinking of You

The events of Book 6 left much up in the air, and there will be many changes (good and bad) in the coming stories. With that in mind, we asked jen-and-kris to create an updated version of this piece. As Michael and Sara enter a period where they can't be together, they both feel the void.  

Commission.Polaris by jen-and-kris

:bulletblack: Side Story Anthology #2: Here & There

Admittedly, while we're still in the process of writing the stories for the second side-story anthology, Here & There, we do have a handful complete, and more stories are on their way. Nevertheless, we thought it appropriate that we finally have an official cover -- particularly when we knew the perfect story-scene to feature on top. As always, FranciscoETCHART created a spectacular piece. The colors, the posing, and the general art is spectacular. I don't think we need to explain what's going on, but, if you're really curious...

A new vampire has born by FranciscoETCHART

:bulletblack: "5:24 A.M."

This is the newest side-story, which reveals Ravenswood's first encounter with Gale vampires. We recommend this be read after Episode 34: Cold Case, to avoid anything spoiler-ish. But, you're certainly free to read it now if that doesn't bother you. While there isn't anything overly gory, be warned, with vampires there is a bit of blood, and some readers may be sensitive to the subject-matter.

:bulletblack: 4 Years and Counting

It's exciting to look back and see all that we've accomplished. It's even better to look ahead to what's to come. Whether you're an old-time fan or a new reader, we thank you for your support of Relativity, and hope you'll join us as we continue this journey. The best is yet to come. ;)

Relativity Book 1: Lost and Found by mirz333 Relativity Book 2: Secrets and Revelations by mirz333 Relativity Book 3: Heroes and Villains by mirz333 Relativity Book 4: Love and Politics by mirz333 Relativity Book 5: Friends and Foes (PDF) by mirz333 Relativity Book 6: Sweat and Blood (PDF) by mirz333

This and That - Relativity Side-Story Anthology by mirz333 Ss2 by mirz333

Be sure to visit the group and give it a watch!

Note that some of the art featured in this article has not been formally uploaded to the artists' galleries. As they appear, they will be added to the group and the links to the actual deviations posted here.

More Journal Entries


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AmeliePoptart Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
As a fellow writer, and superhero lover, I am very impressed with all the work and effort you have put in here :)

How is the best way to follow your work? Are you planning on publishing (either ePub or self-publishing? Personally, I'd love to see this as a graphic novel).
mirz333 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015   General Artist
Actually, the way the series works is that we publish the individual episodes then compile them into eBook anthologies (currently ePub, Kindle and PDF). We have 4 books available now, and book 5 is set to publish this month sometime. We also have 1 side story collection. We did offer a "deluxe" version  for purchase on Amazon and Google Playstore, but most people preferred the free version, so now they are exclusively available from our site.

All single stories are published here on DA and on our website. The anthologies can be downloaded at  (…)

We would love to see it as a graphic novel, or better yet, a Manga. But that is just a bit (or rather a lot) beyond our means right now. So, we keep doing this and hope that maybe the other will come around someday.

Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to look at our work. We very much appreciate it.
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Very interesting body of work you have here! I'll have to check out more of it.:) (Smile) 
mirz333 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015   General Artist
Thank you for commenting. It's about 20 years in the making, so there's quite a bit of it. I hope you enjoy what you see.
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I didn't mean to deny that last art submission D: I clicked the wrong thing accidentally... so I submitted it again :)
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