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It is All Relative

Get Ready for the Storm...

RELATIVITY is a character drama that centers around a team of superheroes who operate in the fictional Gale City. The focus of the series, however, is the people behind the mask, and how they juggle work, life and love while donning a mask at night. While essentially a prose-comicbook series, Relativity is also firmly planted in the mystery genre as the team investigates and solves various crimes, while also contending with a menagerie of strange and interesting villains.

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Lost and Found Scene 1 - Relativity Episode 1The light above the vanity flickered, throwing the room into a series of shadows. Babs Stone tapped the plastic casing with her finger, hoping to jiggle the bulb back into place. The room fell into complete darkness. After a moment, the light snapped back on, shining bright and steady. The prostitute leaned back towards the mirror.
Pulling up her chin, Babs checked her throat carefully. While she didn’t have a policy against rough stuff, she didn’t like when her clients left marks. It made it difficult when picking up another john, not to mention she simply didn’t like bruising on her neck. Satisfied, she tousled her long platinum blonde hair so it framed her face, then twisted open a cylinder of Fire Engine Red and  smeared it across her lips. She could hear shuffling and smiled at the thought of the man on the other side of the door.
While she had several regulars, Babs liked Denny the best. He was always clean and smelled nice. More than that, he always called
Caffeine Headache: Part 1 - Relativity Episode 27   Sex scandal, sex scandal, political scandal, three car pile-up on the freeway, sex scandal.
   Melody twisted her mouth to the side and closed the newspaper. It was filled with the same old stuff. Aside from a story about the city hiring 200 more police officers, nothing was going on that was important enough to keep an eye on.
   Resting her chin on her hand, she sighed. The lull in activity might have been welcome if things in her own life were more interesting. As it was, they were getting more boring by the minute.
   The bell rang. Sara Wolff smiled as she approached the counter. "Good morning."
   Though it was a customer, Melody couldn't help but feel disappointed it was just her friend. "This is the third time this week you've been in. I don't think you've ever come in that often before."
   The redhead pulled her wallet from her purse. "Since Greg and I got married, I've been staying i

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Current Episode - Secret Recipe

SECRET RECIPE -- When Martin Bling plans to bring his reality show to Gale, he chooses a dinner at LaFloretta as the main event. Learning the true extent of Sara's relationship with the man, Greg joins the ranks of the many who hold a grudge against the casino magnate. With cameras rolling, tragedy strikes, throwing the spotlight on the chef and his family. The situation is further complicated as the Bruce siblings deal with loves from the past. As the mystery deepens, and the list of possible suspect grows, it's up the Team Torrent to get to the bottom of the matter before they are stirred up to the top. -- Click to Read

Info Corner

Relativity Header by mirz-alt

:bulletblue: The main Relativity Website is located at The full story will be mirrored here on dA. However, the site will contain additional bonus content, as well as a regularly updated blog about the series and individual episodes.

:bulletblue: For fans who don't have time to read the episodes, but want to keep up with the overall storylines, we offer full condensed episode synopses which can be found here.

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Favorite canon Sara pair-up 

11 deviants said Night Thoughts by CristianaLeone - Greg
2 deviants said Aaron And Sara By CL-Pinkskull by mirzjiles - Aaron
No deviants said Bling and Sara by mirz-alt - Bling

The Beginning...

Black Torrent commission by shamserg

Twenty years ago the Black Torrent patrolled the streets of Gale City, protecting the citizens, until he disappeared without a trace...

Michael Bruce is one of the world's richest men, head of a real estate empire that spreads to all corners of the world. Many wonder what is the secret to his success, but Michael's secrets travel far beyond the boardroom...onto the rooftops of Gale. Taking over the role of the Black Torrent, the young CEO follows in the footsteps of his father, keeping the streets safe from crime. When Martin Bling, the billionaire casino mogul, shows up on the scene, Torrent and his team start digging into the man's less-than-ethical affairs. They are aided in their investigation by the mysterious Dark Flame, a relative newcomer to the crimefighting scene. Expecting to uncover corporate corruption and dirty business dealings, what they find threatens to shake Michael to the core – a connection to Bling's girlfriend he never dreamed of, and a revelation that the past he knew wasn't what he thought it to be. As crimefighting and family drama collide, the team must deal with secrets, lies and betrayals, and the prospects of an uncertain future. -- Click to Read


Art and Commentary - Vol. 5

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 3:41 PM
Welcome to Gale City

I do this periodically where I feature some Relativity art with commentary. Not wanting to spam everyone, I had originally hoped to post these every 6-8 weeks, but it looks like it's turning out to be every 3-4 months (though this time it turned into 6 months :paranoid:). Anyhow, looking back over the gallery submissions at RelativityComic during that time, I typically choose fifteen to showcase with some anecdotes about them. Note that this doesn't mean I like the other pieces in the gallery any less. Usually it just means that I want to simply "talk" more about these pieces and how the imagery fits into the series.

Dark Flame and OverCast by IrenHorrors
I adore the work of IrenHorrors. Her art is dark and beautiful; she created one of my all-time favorite commissions! I was ecstatic when she agreed to take on the task of creating a gothic-inspired Overcast and Dark Flame. The look of the characters is great, the styling perfect, and it's great to see our heroic alter-egos looking so sharp. It's always so exciting when one of your favorite artists works on your OCs, and this is no exceptions. I love Iren's work.

Head Games by NurulKamil
Emmy and Michael. :heart: This piece makes the list because I adore this couple. Emmy is the OC of NurulKamil, who also did the art. Michael doesn't have a lot of "outside" loves. But the few he has usually stay with me. In this case, Emmy and him are like oil and vinegar. They are more likely to be fighting than kissing. But, when they kiss... *swoon* I love the pose on this one and the tie-in to the song. It totally gets me thinking about "what happens next."

Target Teaser by mirzjiles
jen-and-kris have done a lot of work for the series over the past few months, and we are so grateful. Their art is amazing; they have a great grasp of the characters that comes through in all of their work. It was hard to pick just one of their teasers to feature (but I try to limit the number in these features so I can showcase more artists). This one gets the spotlight because it's such a dynamic shot and Torrent looks great. This scene is from "Target" an upcoming story in Book 6. Looking at this inspires me so much -- I can't wait to get to it!

Commission: Gray Cyclone by SaraSaeed95
All I can say is...LOVE. Seriously, I fan-girled so hard over this picture. Gray Cyclone (formerly called Gray Tornado) is a character who is introduced later in the series, but he is a total bad-ass, and he will play an important part in future stories. SaraSaeed95 did an amazing job in capturing not only his look, but his stature. This is such a strong depictions of the character, I can't imagine a better picture. One of my favorite commissions as of late. :heart:

Commission: Sara and Raham by fee-absinthe
This is a piece by fee-absinthe shows a scene from a collaboration I am work on with artist/writer, Gnewi. I adore sketch art, and it's not simply a price consideration (though, admittedly that is a factor). There is a certain charm to sketches that is often lost in the lining/coloring process. I love this teaser particularly since I have a soft spot for art which features the heroes in their costume, but without their mask -- just makes them feel more human. The boy who is shown with Dark Flame is Raham, a kid who has a special gift which is a core element of the story.

Vincent 3 by Maryneim
It never ceases to amaze me that Vincent is by far one of our most popular characters, even though he hasn't officially appeared in the series yet. While I have a pretty clear picture of what Vincent looks like in my mind, I have to admit, model deswitath comes very close to that mental image. He has that sinister vampire look down, which is why he's been featured in a few Relativity/Vincent pictures. Photo-manipulation artist Maryneim did an amazing job working with various stock pieces and creating this scene from Vincent's history.  One of my recent favorites.

Michael by Piccolaria by mirzjiles
Despite being the star of the show, there really aren't a lot of pictures of Michael Bruce. And there certainly aren't enough with him looking like the sexy beast that he is. I adore this sketch from CristianaLeone. She managed to capture his handsome features, awesome body, and that look of fierce determination that he wears a good deal of the time. One of my all-time favorite pictures of him. *swoon*

Expectation of salvation by jen-and-kris
I have long wanted a picture of Sara during the "dark period" where she is captured by the vampires. Granted, that happened in her original history (and there is no guarantee it will happen in Relativity), but it's one of my favorite mental images of her and I thought it would be neat to have a picture of it. jen-and-kris did such an amazing job capturing how I envisioned the piece. Sara is simply beautiful, and you can see she's not just sitting there, playing the role of the victim -- she's definitely planning something.

Commission - Relativity: Yule by Astral-Muffin
This piece is probably my favorite art featuring Yule, ever. It's also one of my all-time favorite commissions. The intensity and the emotion in this piece blows me away, every time. Yule is such a complex character, and despite his confident demeanor, there is an ocean of pain and hurt underneath. Seriously, I don't think the artist could have done a better job at conveying the scene portrayed here. Yule's torment summed up perfectly. I love it.

Phanthro by ThreshTheSky
Jim and I were so excited to finally be approaching the part in the story where Phanthro was introduced. We hoped to tie it in with a "real-life" portrait from ThreshTheSky. We were not disappointed. For a character who has been around for two decades, it was simply amazing to see him and say, "OMG, that's him!" My mental image of the villain is now this, period. Though, I do need to give a nod to Smoludozerka. She created the image that Thresh used heavily as a reference. It excites me so much when our artists bounce off of each other.

cm: Penny by ilAyanami-sato
While I enjoy getting art of the main players, I get a particular joy receiving pictures of the secondary characters. Relativity is so much more than the heroes. There's so many other players, big and small, who have an impact on the series. In this case, Penny is a character who will have a significant role, but she doesn't appear until Cycle 3. Sweet, shy, and a bit of a nerd, ilAyanami-sato managed to convey those things, while still making her pretty and approachable. Lovely work.

Relatively Courageous - Dark Flame by PizzaPotatoNBacon
This was a gift from my friend, PizzaPotatoNBacon. I love the stylized cartoon drawing. I joke about Dark Flame's hair a lot (and I've gotten much more relaxed about it over the past year or so). I thinks it's way cool how PPNB depicted it. Plus, that bad-ass look Flare has is great. A super-fun piece and lovely present I wanted to showcase.

Jetpack-joyride by TovioRogers
Tony! Michael's friend doesn't get enough love, but part of that has to do with the fact that he's not around much in the story at the moment. Still, the consummate playboy is one of our favorite, as is his best friend, and confidante, Mona Andris. I wanted a piece that had Tony showing off his powers a bit, and Mona tagging along for the ride. TovioRogers did a lovely job of depicting the couple and capturing their close friendship.

Happy Birthday, mirz-alt!! :) by Gnewi
A birthday gift from the sweet Gnewi. This picture shows Sara when she is going through a difficult period in her life. Honestly, aside from the scene itself, I simple adore the art on this. The monochrome coloring is beautiful, and the park/city is gorgeous. So many road bumps in the series. I am continually awed and grateful that the various artists are able to depict the ups and downs of the characters so beautifully.

Cold Case (commission) by Smoludozerka
Two words: Vincent! Overcast! Again, Vincent seems to be the villain of the hour, and for good reason. He will be making his first official appearance soon in the story "Cold Case", and what an appearance it will be. Unfortunately, Overcast will be at the receiving end of his rancor. As to how it actually plays out, well, you'll just have to wait and see. Smoludozerka did an amazing job with this scene. Vincent looks sufficiently cool and composed, and Overcast seems quite aware he's in deep trouble. As for their location...that is the sewers. Gah, so much awesomeness in this picture, and so much awesomeness to come.

Jim's Pick

While I tend to handle the art, Ravenswd certainly enjoys looking at it and gets just as excited as I do about receiving new pieces. Most of the time he agrees with my "best picks," though on occasion he likes to choose a few of his own.

The stalker by CristianaLeone

Just one this time. Jim was really taken by this teaser image. You get a great sense of what is going on in the scene, even if you don't know what's happening. Wren's expression is dead-on, and you can totally guess what is going to happen next. Poor Michael, seems his love life just gets more and more complicated. As a side-note, this teaser is from an upcoming story in Book 6. Art by the loverly CristianaLeone

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