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It is All Relative

Get Ready for the Storm...

RELATIVITY is a character drama that centers around a team of superheroes who operate in the fictional Gale City. The focus of the series, however, is the people behind the mask, and how they juggle work, life and love while donning a mask at night. While essentially a prose-comicbook series, Relativity is also firmly planted in the mystery genre as the team investigates and solves various crimes, while also contending with a menagerie of strange and interesting villains.

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Lost and Found Scene 1 - Relativity Episode 1The light above the vanity flickered, throwing the room into a series of shadows. Babs Stone tapped the plastic casing with her finger, hoping to jiggle the bulb back into place. The room fell into complete darkness. After a moment, the light snapped back on, shining bright and steady. The prostitute leaned back towards the mirror.
Pulling up her chin, Babs checked her throat carefully. While she didn’t have a policy against rough stuff, she didn’t like when her clients left marks. It made it difficult when picking up another john, not to mention she simply didn’t like bruising on her neck. Satisfied, she tousled her long platinum blonde hair so it framed her face, then twisted open a cylinder of Fire Engine Red and  smeared it across her lips. She could hear shuffling and smiled at the thought of the man on the other side of the door.
While she had several regulars, Babs liked Denny the best. He was always clean and smelled nice. More than that, he always called
Those Who Wander: part 1 - Relativity Episode 33   Melody switched on her turn signal and merged onto the highway. It was early afternoon and traffic was light; only a few other cars were on the road. A white hatchback zipped past and pulled in front of her. It was travelling at a steady pace, but soon it started to veer left, then right. While it didn't cross into another lane, it was rolling back and forth over the line, making it dangerous for anyone to pass.
   "Drunk," she whispered under her breath. She eased up on the accelerator and wondered if she should call the highway hotline.
   Before she could decide, the car jerk sharply to the left. She could see through the back window. The driver was thrashing and jumping out of her seat. A moment later, the car veered sharply to the right and off the road.
   Melody gasped. Thankfully, the surroundings were mostly level and the area beyond the road was a shallow incline to a grassy field, rather than a deep ditch. She pu

:bulletblack: To read a description of each issue, along with links to the dA versions of each story, visit this page.

:bulletblack: To browse and read all of the episodes in the series, check out this folder

:bulletblack:All stories are also available in Kindle and eBook versions and can be downloaded from our main website:

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Theme Song

Yes, we have a theme song! Written by mirz-alt and composed by Joel Hartlaub.

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The Beginning...

Black Torrent commission by shamserg

Twenty years ago the Black Torrent patrolled the streets of Gale City, protecting the citizens, until he disappeared without a trace...

Michael Bruce is one of the world's richest men, head of a real estate empire that spreads to all corners of the world. Many wonder what is the secret to his success, but Michael's secrets travel far beyond the boardroom...onto the rooftops of Gale. Taking over the role of the Black Torrent, the young CEO follows in the footsteps of his father, keeping the streets safe from crime. When Martin Bling, the billionaire casino mogul, shows up on the scene, Torrent and his team start digging into the man's less-than-ethical affairs. They are aided in their investigation by the mysterious Dark Flame, a relative newcomer to the crimefighting scene. Expecting to uncover corporate corruption and dirty business dealings, what they find threatens to shake Michael to the core – a connection to Bling's girlfriend he never dreamed of, and a revelation that the past he knew wasn't what he thought it to be. As crimefighting and family drama collide, the team must deal with secrets, lies and betrayals, and the prospects of an uncertain future. -- Click to Read

Info Corner

Relativity Header by mirz-alt

:bulletblue: The main Relativity Website is located at The full story will be mirrored here on dA. However, the site will contain additional bonus content, as well as a regularly updated blog about the series and individual episodes.

:bulletblue: For fans who don't have time to read the episodes, but want to keep up with the overall storylines, we offer full condensed episode synopses which can be found here.

:bulletblue: The authors periodically post blog entries to with extra information about the stories and the writing process. For our readers who prefer to stay on dA to comment, these entries can also be found in Mirz's forum here.
:bulletblue: The current update schedule is monthly, approximately every 3-4 weeks. New episodes will publish concurrently on the website and deviantART.

:bulletblue: All current episode scenes will be posted here to the group, so if you want to know when a new one updates, please devWatch the Group.

A quick note...

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 2:28 PM
It was only after we had published our current story that I learned of the Peshawar School massacre. (I purposely avoid the news during stressful times in my life--and literally didn't see the story until today). While our current episode deals with a much different situation, and outcome, the topic is similar enough that it could be viewed in bad taste by some. This story was in planning for months/years. It really was just terrible, and coincidental, timing that it published on the same day as Peshawar. Honestly, if I had known about the attack, I would have held off  on publication.

Again, SIEGE is different. And (sorry, spoilers) everyone gets out okay. I wanted to note that it was never our intention to be offensive, and that we would never trivialize such a situation. I wish the children in Peshawar would have been allowed a happy ending.

As a mother, I am horrified by the terrible attack and the loss of life. Children, no less. My deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones. I cannot imagine their pain. I truly wish we didn't have to live in a world which such things happened.

I have grappled with whether to take down the story, but it has already been published and I am not sure if that would rectify any feelings of upset that it caused. My apologies if it did upset or offend anyone, it wasn't intentional.

More Journal Entries

Current Episode - Siege

SIEGE -- The day of the charity carnival has arrived, but the festivities have a dark cloud hanging over them. As Greg and Sara deal with a rough patch in their relationship, sinister forces set their sights on the Gale Home, and its Administrator. When communications with the group home go down, and the police show little concern, the Team is faced with one of their biggest challenges as events of the past and present collide, with dozens of lives in the balance. -- Click to Read


Favorite cover-art so far (canon) 

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5 deviants said RELATIVITY_Cover book5 by FranciscoETCHART Book 5
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1 deviant said RELATIVITY by FranciscoETCHART Book 1
No deviants said The TREEHOUSE by FranciscoETCHART Side Story


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